The [title of show] show is a video blog by the creators of [title of show]. It documents the musical's progress to Broadway. Guest actors Barrett Foa, Sean Palmer, Sierra Boggess, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Kerry Butler, Lea Michele, Gideon Glick, Jonathan Groff, Ann Harada, director of [title of show] Michael Berresse and Cheyenne Jackson appear on the [title of show] show.

Episode List

Episode 1: Untitled Pilot Episode

Jeff and Hunter, appearing largely in character, excitedly announce that [title of show] is going to Broadway. This episode sets the precedent for future episodes; Jeff wears his costume from the original off-Broadway production and Hunter wears a promotional shirt from a random Broadway show. The episode chronicles the creation of the [title of show] show and includes clips of Jeff composing the show's musical theme at the piano.


Episode 2: Two Nobodies Look For a Theatre

Split into two parts, Jeff and Hunter begin searching for a Broadway theatre and Jeff creates the [TOS]ability Board. Susan checks in from her dressing room on the set of Law & Order, her first appearance on the show after performing an unprepared search for a theater on foot in Shubert Alley. Upon returning to the apartment, Heidi messages Hunter and Jeff on iChat and recommends that the group perform out of town before mounting a Broadway production.

This episode introduced the duct tape motif of [title of show] publicity and the first playing of the opening sequence Jeff began composing in Episode 1.

Part 1

Part 2

Episode 3: It's an Original Musical

This episode begins in the tradition of the [title of show]'s self-aware nature and immediately exposes the back stage conversations of the actors after filming Episode 2.

Hunter and Jeff begin to wonder if people will understand what [title of show] is. Susan, who has apparently been in the room during the filming of Episode 2, has prepared a comedic video spoof of a 1980s instructional video that explains the show's concept. Larry Pressgrove appears for the first time as Constantine, a co-worker in Jim and Barry's office, who is inconsistently played by Hunter and Jeff.

The instructional video is interrupted so Jeff can update the [TOS] ability Board. Also, Jeff introduces his [title of show] Showcial Network Chart which records the status of [title of show] on's Showcial Network. Hunter introduces his own chart called "Hunter's Chart of Jeff's Charts."


Episode 4: There's a Monkey in My Playbill

Hunter and Jeff begin perusing a gift bag from "Broadway on Broadway" and decide to attend the annual Broadway flea market. While Jeff shows his new Playbills to Susan, Heidi arrives at the apartment. After a quick joyous reunion, the group decides to hit the town "Heidi-Style." During a montage of the day, Jeff updates the [TOS]ability Board. After a long day, Jeff, Hunter, Heidi and Susan relax and imagine how [title of show] could play in different US cities in a series of television show spoofs. Jeff is seen out of costume for the first time.


Episode 5: Part of It Y'All

In the writers' room, Hunter, Jeff, Heidi, Susan and Larry sit around a table and discuss what Episode 5 will be about. As a running joke, every time the city [title of show] will play in is said, a sound effect blocks it out. The team decide that parodies are the best ways to create exposure for [title of show]. The discussion is interrupted by Jeff who updates the Showcial Network Chart and by Hunter parodying the YouTube video Leave Britney Alone. Jeff interrupts his own sequence to update the [TOS]ability Board and is again interrupted by Hunter who parodies the YouTube video of Miss Teen South Carolina.

Heidi enters the scene and accidentally mentions that the out of town trial will take place in San Francisco. Susan then confesses to the audience that because no arrangements have been finalized, the city the out of town tryout had not yet been revealed. This episode has brief cameos from actors Sean Palmer and Barrett Foa.


Episode 6: We Are Playing We

Hunter and Jeff consider that should [title of show] become a Broadway hit, they would need to cast replacements for the original cast upon on whom the characters in the show are based.

A musical sequence begins in which many Broadway actors sing a refrain from the show. Several actors play Hunter and Jeff in brief sequences that interrupt the musical number. Jeff introduces his new chart, Jeff's Playbill Needs, which lists Playbills he needs for his collection. Hunter, played by Ann Harada interrupts to add this chart to Hunter's Chart of Jeff's Charts.

The episode includes a very brief closing cameo from Nathan Lane and David Hyde Pierce.


Episode 7: What Kind of Show is She?

After agreeing there should be no more cameos via telephone, Hunter and Jeff prepare to meet at a planned press conference. Hunter has the responsibility of telling Cheyenne Jackson that he is no longer in the show. Jackson, enraged, exits the room.

Heidi and Susan begin a fake press conference that parodies the news crawl and logo of CNN. Jeff arrives late to the conference and announces there will be no pre-Broadway tryout and the show will be sent directly to Broadway.

Back in the apartment, Jeff and Hunter draw attention to the fact that they have implied the out of town tryout would be in San Francisco, which was canceled due to timing issues. Jeff updates the [TOS]ability Board and notes that every Broadway theatre is booked for the season but they still hope to perform on Broadway in spring 2008. Due to copyright infringement, the sound was turned off by YouTube.


Episode 8: It's Time Vampire, It's Time

This episode features no introduction although the show's theme is played at the beginning. It begins with the end credits from the end to the beginning. A baton relay race is held by the cast of [title of show] involving a mysterious package that has been delivered to Jeff. Over twenty minutes earlier, Susan hands the package to Jeff who runs through Times Square to the Lyceum Theatre or The Producing Office to view its contents. Over thirty minutes earlier, Mindy gives Susan the package who runs to give it to Jeff, but on the way is attacked by ninjas. After a fierce battle, Susan defeats them and finds that one is Spring Awakening star Jonathan Groff. After finding that Groff cannot get her tickets, she kills him and finishes her trip in a restaurant where she eats and forgets to give Jeff the package. Nearly 40 minutes earlier, Larry gives Mindy singing lessons for a back-up vocal part in "Die, Vampire, Die" when a dog, Olive, gives him the package which he immediately gives to Mindy for delivery. Mindy runs through New York where she collides with Broadway's Cheyenne Jackson. Avoiding Jackson, Mindy delivers the package to Susan. One hour earlier, Heidi sits in her dressing room preparing for a performance of The Little Mermaid. Hunter arrives out of breath and gives Heidi the package which she ties onto Olive's collar. Olive runs down the sidewalk to Larry's apartment building where she meets John Tartaglia in the elevator. Not caring what Tartaglia has to say, Olive leaves the elevator and delivers the package to Larry. Thirty-five minutes earlier, Hunter sits at his breakfast table when he suddenly gets dressed and retrieves the package from a shoe-box in his kitchen. He runs into midtown New York City passing actor Barrett Foa on the way to Heidi's dressing room. Twenty minutes earlier, Hunter stretches outside of his apartment building and brings in a newspaper. While reading the newspaper, Hunter sees that the New York Times has announced [title of show] is going to Broadway. He retrieves the shoe-box which is labeled "in case of [broadway] open." The entire sequence of events is played forwards very quickly and Jeff opens the package which contains the [title of show] sticker for his [TOS]ability board. The cast gathers around to see that the show will be playing at the Lyceum Theatre beginning on July 5. The closing credits announce the dates and ticket availability for the Broadway production and asks the viewer to "tell 9 people" in a reference to the song "Nine People's Favorite Thing." For some reason, there's no sound also with this video.


Episode 9: Fillin' Out the Frrrrm

Jeff is working in his kitchen preparing for Broadway when Hunter calls him. They tease one another about their success. They discuss American Idol and realize they have yet to film a new episode of The [title of show] show. Hunter reminds Jeff that they have already agreed to produce thirteen episodes despite Jeff's criticisms.

Hunter and Jeff explain what the cast has been doing since the debut of Episode 8. The cast have been rehersing, hosting the Drama Desk Awards and modeling in promotional photography sessions. Hunter jokes that the show has already won Tony Awards although it has not yet opened on Broadway. Jeff and Hunter then teleport to the Lyceum Theatre where the new marquee for the show is being hung over the street. Larry, Susan and Heidi are summoned to 45th street. When they try to enter the theater they realize they are locked out as the Broadway revival of Macbeth is still striking. The group returns to the apartment where they continue to plan for the upcoming Broadway production. They graciously thank their fans for their support over the past four years.


Episode 10: Julyceum Song

The cast talks about their experience on the "Great White Way". Many stars come and ask for Mindy... Mindy Gets Shot!


 Season 2

Episode 1: The [title of show] Show “Who Shot Mindy” Christmas Spectacular Show Special Show

The show opens with Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell outside Mindy's hospital room. A doctor comes out and tells them that she has just emerged from a 5 month coma. The show becomes a holiday special, featuring many of the guests in Episode 10, including Cheyenne Jackson, who is here to "finish the job".


Episode 2: What If This Show?

The show reveals that it was not Cheyenne Jackson who shot Mindy but Allison Janney. The Tony Award Season special begins. Jeff unveils a new chart of which musicals are eligible for Tony Awards.



The [title of show] Show Christmas Show

Hunter, Susan, Heidi and Jeff reminisce and celebrate the Christmas spirit. This episode introduced the puppets Grampa and Mindy played by Paul McGinnis and Matt Vogel respectively. Further, Cheyenne Jackson makes his first of several appearances on the show. Rather than focusing on mounting [title of show] on Broadway, the show is a series of comedic skits and musical numbers. This includes the puppets getting drunk, references to old-fashioned Christmas specials and an original claymation. Hunter and Jeff thank the fans for their continuing support and wish their viewers a merry Christmas.


Extra: Snake Eats Tail

This episode begins with a series of telephone calls between Hunter and Jeff and explains what is termed the "snakeeatstailness" of [title of show], or how the show chronicles its own creation and encompasses a cyclical pattern explained as ouroboros, a Greek term for this pattern. The video links to additional videos on the [title of show] website and features guest actors.



In this music video, set to the song "Nine People's Favorite Thing" (from [title of show]), 600 fans were assigned one line each from the song through e-mail, and instructed to e-mail a picture of themselves illustrating the lyric. The final video contains every picture, in lyrical order, as the song plays. The fans include everyday people and celebrities Patti LuPone, Joel Grey, Betty Buckley, John Kander, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Krakowski, America Ferrera, actor/siblings Celia, Maggie, and Andrew Keenan-Bolger, and others.