CIRCUMSCRIBING: restricting something within limits.


PARADOX: a seemingly absurd statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.


FELICITATIONS: good wishes, best regards.


MATRICULATION: admission to study at a college or university.


DECREPITUDE: state of being wasted and weakened by the infirmities of old age.


CLOISTERS: place or position of seclusion, especially referring to a monastery or convent.


CLANDESTINE: held in or conducted in secrecy.


ABYSMALLY: extremely bad.


HISTRIONICS: insincere, exaggerated, theatrical behavior.


COMMEMORATING: recalling or showing respect for, especially in a ceremony.


APROPOS: relevant, significant.


ELIDED: omitted or suppressed when speaking.


SPECTRE: something that haunts, a spirit.


ELASTOPLAST: elastic adhesive bandage for covering cuts or wounds.


ACQUIESCENT: acceptant or compliant.


DIFFIDENCE: modesty or shyness.


IMPINGES: has an effect upon something else.


INCORRIGIBLE: incapable of being corrected.


PHILANTHROPY: active effort to promote human welfare.


APATHETIC: having little or no interest or concern.


REREDORTER: a latrine or toilet behind monastery dormitories.


CREDULOUS: gullible, ready to believe on uncertain evidence.


VENERATE: regard with great respect or revere.


CATECHISM: summary or religious doctrine often in the form of questions and answers.


SUPINE: mentally or morally slack.


PREDILECTION: an established preference for something.


DECORUM: propriety, good taste in conduct and behavior.


DON: university head, fellow or teacher.


SOD: a worthless person, a rascal.


TROLLOP: a vulgar or disreputable woman.


A-LEVELS: standardized British examination used as qualification for university entrance.


PENCE: unit (coin) of British currency, under the new system, 100 pence equal a pound.


POUNDS: unit of British currency.


SNOGGED: kissed or embraced.


VICAR: a member of the clergy.