Rosemary Jann

Professor, George Mason University

Rosemary Jann is a Professor of English and also teaches in the Cultural Studies program. Her main area of expertise is nineteenth-century England, and she teaches a range of Victorian prose, poetry, and fiction, in addition to various courses in literary analysis and scholarship required of undergraduate and graduate students. As a scholar, her first book (The Art and Science of Victorian History, 1985) examined Victorian historical writing for the ways its literary strategies enabled historians to negotiate the intellectual and moral dilemmas characteristic of their age. More recently she has shifted her focus to the assumptions behind and roles played by appeals to scientific authority in later Victorian England. Recent articles like "Sherlock Holmes Codes the Social Body" (ELH 1990) and "Darwin and the Anthropologists: Sexual Selection and Its Discontents" (Victorian Studies 1994) are representative of her interest in how texts ranging from popular literature to scientific theory work to construct ideological assumptions about social difference. Her more recent book, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Detecting Social Order (1995), is aimed at teaching a student audience how to read popular literature for its ideological as well as literary messages.

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